City-Wide Disaster Plan Exercise- April 13

Community Response Engagement

Each year, our city practices a component of our City’s Emergency Plan.  This helps everyone to put into play what each City District and Area learns over the year, see what we do best, and determine where we need to focus efforts to strengthen our community’s plan.  Each year, we plan on building upon what done the previous year.

Last year, on the resident portion of the exercise, we practiced communication from each Block, through the Area and District to the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and in return, via the established radio communication plan.  This year, we continue with radio communication from the District to the EOC and will add on a practice of the Rapid Disaster Assessment Program.

The Exercise Plan

Date: Saturday, 13 April 2019

Time: 10:00

Location: Your District Central Meeting Location

(see below for addresses)

We are asking residents of each District to visit their District Meeting Location between 10-11am for a short exercise.  This exercise is to practice a simple plan to evaluating a neighborhood so First Responders know where to focus efforts. Participants will be paired up in teams.  A quick instruction will be given on an assigned task, and each team will be sent to perform the task, then return and report back.

In a real situation, the Plan is simple:

1 – Take care of your family

2 – Check on your neighbor

3 – Meet at your Area’s Central Meeting location

Once checked in, if you are willing to help in any way, there are many ways you can, i.e.: delegating assignments, work tracking, capturing information, assessing a block, assisting with communication, etc.

Monthly Training

The Syracuse CERT Team holds monthly training on the Rapid Disaster Assessment Program, normally scheduled at 10am on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Fire Station on 3000 W, next to Freemont Park. For this month (April), we will hold an abbreviated training on April 13 (the day of our exercise) at 9am at 1956 South 3000 West, the new church building across from Freemont Park and the Fire Station.  This training will start promptly at 9am and end at 9:45, just in time for those taking part in the training to travel to their District Meeting Locations.

As mentioned earlier, this covers the Resident portion of the City-Wide Disaster Plan Exercise.  In parallel to the Districts, City department leaders and officials will be participating in additional training to help them become better prepared to work the Emergency Plan and how it aligns with the County and the State’s plans. We look forward to seeing you at your District Meeting Locations on April 13.  If you have any questions, please contact your District Coordinator at the email address listed below.

Syracuse District

1350 S 1800 W, Syracuse, UT 84075

Syracuse Bluff District

2339 W 1900 S, Syracuse, UT 84075

Legacy Park District

2024 South 1475 West, Syracuse, UT 84075

Syracuse South District

3065 S Bluff Rd, Syracuse, UT 84075

Syracuse West District

1956 South 3000 West, Syracuse, UT 84075

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