Employee Spotlight: Jody Peeters

Jody Peeters– Administrative Professional, Court Clerk

As the Court Clerk and Administrative Professional, Jody helps run the day-to-day operations of the City’s justice court. She is involved with administering the judge’s decisions, organizing cases for court day, and following up with our court customers. She also assists the City Manager and Mayor with administrative duties, including the coordination of the popular Lunch with the Mayor program with local schools, and assisting with the Disaster Preparedness Committee. Jody started working for Syracuse City part time in the post office about eight years ago and immediately started filling in for other departments at City Hall, becoming full time six years ago. Recently, Jody worked with a team of coworkers to develop online court payment processing through the City’s website. She was also one of the employees of the month for December, awarded for her hard work in charity fundraising. Jody is known for being a very hard worker and taking her job seriously. When not working, Jody can be found snowboarding or working with animals.

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