Precious Pets Stella & Shadow

Stella and Shadow, our bunnies, joined our family from the Humane Society of Utah. We went to read stories to the cats and dogs about four years ago, then came home with bunnies. We have all been best friends ever since. Stella was almost one year old when we got her. She is a lion head and has the softest fur behind her ears. She is an escape artist. She loves to rebound off your legs and the walls of her house to escape her bunny run. Shadow was five years old when we got her. She is so gentle and will lick you, like dog kisses. She graciously tolerates dress up time and twinsie outfits.

Just this last fall, we discovered that Shadow was a rare breed, a dwarf Hotot. She took a 1st place ribbon in the Davis County Fair. In her gentle way, she made sure we knew that once was enough showing for her.  

Besides snuggles and petting behind the ears, dried papayas and honey nut cheerios are their favorite treats. There is nothing more perfect than having them with us while enjoying our backyard tree swing, and every other moment.

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