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Local Resident Helps to Bring Bunk Beds to Families in Need

Local man Scott Decaria and friends have always wanted to give back to their community, spending time each Christmas season feeding the homeless and other service projects. Scott always had a desire to do more. One day a friend called him and told him to watch a show on Facebook Watch that was put together by Mike Rowe called Returning the Favor. It is a show in which Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, travels the country showing some of the amazing things Americans are doing to “return the favor” to selflessly make a difference in their communities.

The episode that Scott’s friend had him watch was about a man, Luke Mickelson in Twin Falls Idaho who, after hearing his children complain about the things their Christmas lacked and wanting to do something different to help his children realize how blessed they really are, decided to go build a bunk bed in his garage to donate to someone who might need one. He had built a bed before for a family he knew and so he decided to build another without even a recipient in mind. Once they finished, they posted the bed on Facebook to see who might need a free bed. The response was awesome, not only were they able to donate the bed but many other friends stepped up and donated blankets and pillows and anything else that might be needed.

After this experience, Luke decided to continue the effort and keep making beds for those in need. He couldn’t stand hearing about kids sleeping on the floor. He started making as many beds as he could. As word got out, they grew into nine chapters in different communities of people who started building beds for kids and families in need. Mike Rowe got wind of their work and decided feature them on the show in February 2018. The excitement around their work was boosted tremendously by the show and today there are 137 chapters of Sleep in Heavenly Peace across the nation and one right here in Syracuse, UT started by Scott Decaria and Jay Tucker.

Since starting the chapter here, they were able to connect with two local Lowes stores that helped them get the initial supplies and funding to get started building beds. In their first year they set a goal to build 50 beds but were able to build and deliver 140 beds.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace teams up with local businesses to build beds. SHP brings the supplies and tools and generators to make the beds and the sponsoring companies donate money for supplies and employees help build the beds. It is a great opportunity to have a hands on company effort to give back.

Scott remembers one delivery to a family in Ogden where a single mom had three children living in a very small house. All four of them were sleeping on a queen mattress which was the only thing in the room. When the local chapter showed up and delivered the beds, the kids were so excited to have, for the first time ever, their own bed to sleep in. It is highly rewarding delivering beds to children from age 3 to 17.

Request a bed

To request a bed, visit or contact Scott at 801-784-0338.

volunteer with us!

There is also a national build day scheduled for this June 15th where anyone can come help build a bed. It might be a great chance for your family to realize how blessed they are.  

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