Special Volunteers Needed for Museum

Do you have a special talent for making candles, candy or unique items to show at the Museum? We would provide the space you need and set a date for you to show your talents. If you have a collection of special items you might want to show, the Museum is the place. This, we hope, will bring more people into the museum that we are so proud of.

We have two residents, Chuck Wright and Jay Stuart, who are showing their woodworks. Its hard to believe that the wood making is so beautiful and unique. The vases, bowls, plates and hats are so professional that they could be shown in any boutique store, and here we have it in Syracuse city.

Every citizen should come tour the Museum and Farmhouse and share in the pride that this Museum brings. We have over 2000 people who tour the Museum each year. We have been talking with the Utah Division of Arts and Museum in Salt Lake City, and they have agreed to lending us some revolving displays for three or four months.

Our volunteers will be going to Salt Lake City to see what would be good for the Syracuse Museum.

Please contact us if you are interested in displaying your items or showing us any items you make. We will do the advertising and help you in whatever you need.

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