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What can I do if people are speeding on our roads?

Isnt’ it frustrating when you see someone flying by your house on a 25-mph road? It is especially infuriating when it involves roads where children play.

Our police department will do its best to patrol local roads in Syracuse, but with over 100 miles of road within our City and other responsibilities, those resources are stretched thin. Tips about areas where speeding is occuring are welcome; the department will focus on speed enforcement in areas of concern.

Additionally, if a particular vehicle is a frequent culprit, any information about the vehicle or driver is appreciated. Make, color, plate number, and time of day: these are all bits of information that can help catch a speeder in the act.

If you believe that traffic flows in your neighborhood have changed significantly, you can request that a City Engineer conduct a traffic study in your neighborhood; the study might reveal the need for changes to signage or speed limits. Due to the resources needed for such studies, however, a fee must be paid by the requester.

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