Uptown Bark

Not just a pet grooming business, Owner Salina Beilstein provides a pet bakery, hotel, daycare and spa for your favorite furry family member.

Salina Beilstein has been a dog groomer for 30 years. Seven years ago, she decided to purchase her own grooming business. She started with four groomers and today has 15. The business is operated today by her kids, Nick and Sam. The cool thing is that Uptown Bark is no longer just a grooming business.

Located off of 3000N in Layton, near the Walmart Neighborhood Market, they offer much more than just dog and cat haircuts. Salina said, “Today it is different. We don’t just chain our dog to a tree outside. They are part of the family, and we have the stuff you would give to a family member.”

Uptown Bark is the only pet bakery in the Layton and Syracuse area. They bake pet foods that are grain free and healthy to the animals. They also have a pet hotel, daycare and spa. In additon, they are open 7 days a week for convenience to their clients as most pet hotels around here are closed on the weekends.

The spa is next level, too. There are silk treatments at their spa. This is an enriching vitamin formula that works to restore the moisture balance to your dog’s coat. They also offer what is called a Blueberry Facial which, contrary to the sound of it, is not the same as the facial you would receive at a human day spa. This facial focuses on the hair strands, not the skin of your pet. This is an excellent way to get rid of tear stains and enhance the color of your pet’s facial hair. It will work on all coat colors. The facial also includes a head massage, which your pet will absolutely love.

This family run business is unique because they not only focus on kind and gentle treatment of every pet that comes through their doors, but they also work with the Davis County Animal Control to help adopt out pets from the local shelters. Kitten adoptions are available for only $25 which includes spay or neutering and vaccinations.

They are also the best place for pet gifts. They have tons of products that focus on health and fun, that are not available at Petco and Walmart. They have a frozen yogurt treat that was featured on Shark Tank in 2016, and a pet-friendly cake. This cake is located on their birthday aisle, along with other great gifts for your beloved family pet. They also carry dog clothing, including dresses and jewelery. If you want a unique gift for you pet, this is the place to go. Located conveniently near town, instead of on the outskirts, makes it easy to drop by and shop or to leave your animal in their loving care.

Salina believes that they have the largest overnight facility in the area for animals to be housed or to stay overnight. This gives the animals the space they need for an enjoyable stay.

When is your little ones birthday or next special event? It may be time to stop by Uptown Bark for a delicious treat or unique gift that is sure to draw their friend’s eyes at the local dog park.

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