Family Fun Ideas

Our goal with this summertime only section of the magazine is to give you some ideas to help make those long summer days magical. Once again, summer is here after a cold winter and a rainy spring. To our family, summer means lazy mornings and long nights around the fire pit making s’mores and running through the sprinklers. Or, it could mean doing something similar around a camp fire while the kids try to stump each other with a riddle or two. We also love swimming at the pool and at Pine View Reservoir while hanging out on a sandy beach having a picnic.

Watch for our weekly Family Fun Ideas videos on our social media pages and in the magazine. We hope that you have a summer full of fond memories that will last you a lifetime.

Home Made Ice Cream
in baggies

by Melinda Hortin

1 c. half & half or heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbls sugar
1⁄2 c. coarse salt (ice cream salt or kosher)
Quart size Ziplock and Gallon size Ziplock bag
Fill a large Ziplock bag 1⁄2 full of ice and add in rock salt or ice cream salt. Place small Ziplock bag inside and fill with milk, vanilla and sugar. Super simple. Serves 2.
Seal up both Ziplock bags tight. We learned that little hands will get cold, so it’s best to wrap bags in a towel to keep your helpers warm. Shake for 5 to 8 minutes. Viola – you have homemade ice cream!

Serve, eat, yum.

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