Pizza Pie Cafe

I attended a little college in Rexburg Idaho previously called Ricks College (BYU-I). We often went to a little local restaurant called Craigo’s Pizza. Who would have thought that one day they would change their name and become a franchise with 15 stores regionally? The stores that advertise with us are North Ogden, Layton and Clinton. Pizza Pie Cafe takes pride in making nearly everything fresh every day at each restaurant. To list a few of the things they make every day at the store: Pizza Dough, Cookie Dough, Frosting, Alfredo Sauce, Carbonara Sauce, Spicy Sausage Sauce, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Pasta, Ranch Dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing and a cut salad every day. And, of course, they are constantly making new pizzas every day as you are eating there, they try to change out the pizzas every 30 minutes.
In fact, let them know if you find a pizza that hasn’t been changed out in a while because they want people to have fresh pizza on their visits.

I had a chance to meet with Sam, the part owner/ operator of the North Ogden location and have a bite to eat. If you like variety, you will love the buffet style with at least 15 pizza flavors available at all times, plus the ability to place custom topping orders, called customer requests. The custom pizza doesn’t cost any extra and is placed out on the buffet for everyone to enjoy. They have very traditional flavors like pepperoni, Hawaiian, combo and even cheese. But things get interesting when you try some of their signature flavors like BBQ chicken, Buffalo Wing Thing and the Firefighter (Spicy) and even some specialty pizzas like the Breakfast Pizza and the Pesto Veggie Pizza. The company recently reworked their crust recipe to make it a little more fluffy.

They also have a new quarterly flavor which is a unique taste; this month was a Taco Pizza.

They also have some creative dessert pizzas, I know my kids enjoy these the most. There are some standard flavors like cookie dough, raspberry, apple, peach and Oreo. They also do a new desert pizza every month. I tried the very delicious Raspberry Cheesecake pizza which is where I should have started, but then I wouldn’t have tasted anything else… so, never-mind.

I asked Sam what he felt like were some of the hidden gems of the restaurant and he said, without hesitation, the pasta. He said he would put their home made pasta and sauces up against anyone in town. Their sauces include Creamy Alfredo, Spicy Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper, Carbonara and Marinara and Meat sauce (these are the only two not made on site and are imported from Stanislaus California).

They also have some special diet pizzas. These usually come with an extra charge but can be a great fit for a busy mom and dad who want to take the kids out for pizza but also want to eat. They also have two Keto-friendly options. One is a crustless pan pizza, which I tried and thought was very good. To be honest, this one tasted like a regular thin crust (which I love). I am surprised that the crust is made from cauliflower. They also have a gluten free crust for those with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. Of course you can always just stick the their fresh salad bar which is also top notch.

Pizza Pie Cafe is a great place to take the family or go on a date. The buffet means you don’t have to commit to any one or two flavors and can enjoy as much variety as you’d like. Or, find your favorite and load up on that option.

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