Community Question Corner: Who is REALLY allowed to drive in a Road Closed – Local Traffic Only zone?

With Summer in full swing, construction season is upon us. That means potentially disruptive road closures. Road construction crews will be performing maintenance, utility, and resurfacing projects until well into the Fall. When you come upon a “Road Closed – Local Traffic Only” sign, you may be tempted to travel through the work zone, even if you probably don’t qualify as “local traffic.” One does not become “local traffic” by virtue of living near where construction is conducted. Unless: (1) you are driving to or from a residence located inside the work zone, or (2)the work zone constitutes the only road access to your home, then you are not permitted to drive there. This includes those who live close to the work zone and will have to endure a detour during construction. Unnecessary traffic increases hazards to workers and puts your vehicle at unnecessary risk. Updates on City projects are found online, or you can sign up for automatic notifications using the Public Work’s Notify Me® feature on the City website. Do you have a community question? Submit your question to

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