Ogden’s Food Truck Rally

One local restaurant owner turned his idea of bringing delicious food to those who live and visit Ogden, into reality.

The Ogden Food Truck Rally was started in February of this year, but was born of an idea that has been brewing for several years now. Steve Ballard, the owner of Sonora Grill at the Junction in Ogden and Thai Curry Kitchen on 25th Street, decided to buy an old horse trailer last year and transformed it into a food truck featuring food from Thai Curry Kitchen. They started taking the trailer out to food rallies, farmers markets and other events around the state. They loved the atmosphere and fun of these events and wanted to bring something like it to their hometown of Ogden.

Steve, his General Manager, John Thompson, and Marketing Manager Chelsie Toyn all love the Ogden area and are passionate about providing delicious food to those who live here and those that come to visit. They started brainstorming good event locations and ultimately decided to make the Union Station the location for their monthly rally. Toyn says: “The Union Station has been so great to work with and provides the perfect backdrop for the rally. It is such a historic landmark in the heart of downtown Ogden.”

They work tirelessly each month to pull off the event with great food options. The first Friday of every month, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm, the food trucks all park around the fountains near Union Station. There is always something going on in Ogden and the Ogden Food Truck Rally has been the perfect companion to some other great events like Ogden’s Yeti Bash and the Historic 25th Street Car Show. The rally also always coincides with the Ogden First Friday Art Stroll, where local artists display their work throughout shops along 25th Street and inside the Union Station. Ogden’s Food Truck Rally Spread the word about this great food experience and come try it for yourself. To stay up to date on what trucks will be attending the next rally, follow them! Instagram @ogdenfoodtruckrally Facebook: Ogden Food Truck Rally>>They often do giveaways to their followers.

WHEN: Friday, July 5, 6:00-9:00 pm(first Friday of every month)

WHERE: Union Station in Ogden

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