West Point Pharmacy

Pharmacist and business
owner Seth Mauchley
is proud to offer his
customers hard to find
medications that larger
pharmacies aren’t able to
keep in stock.

Seth Mauchley followed in his family’s footsteps of entreprenuers and started his own pharmacy that focuses on personalized service

For generations, Seth Mauchley’s family have been entrepreneurs while Seth watched them have the freedom and flexibility of owning their own business. Because of those examples, when Seth graduated from pharmacy school in 2014, he knew he would likely open his own pharmacy.

After spending several years working for larger pharmacies, most recently at Winegar’s in Clearfield, he made the move and opened a new independent pharmacy in West Point named West Point Pharmacy. He and his wife, Kara, are expecting their first child together but they brought three each to the relationship, so they will soon have seven kids. That is quite the handful for new business owners, but so far it is working well.

Seth is excited to bring something different to the pharmacy world. He has seen how bigger corporate pharmacies have limitations on how they operate and are able to treat patients. Most of the time the larger pharmacies have policies and rules that prevent pharmacists from bein gable to treat patients in the best possible way.

At West Point Pharmacy, they know patient’s names and also get to know their needs so that they can offer the best treatment and service on an individual basis. Sometimes larger pharmacies are rushed and don’t take the time to personalize service. The advantage of West Point Pharmacy is when a patient comes in, they have the chance to visit with the pharmacist and ask any questions they may have so they can be comfortable with their treatment plan. Even when things get hectic and busy, Seth says he always reminds himself to slow down and take time to listen to the patient and to make sure he is serving them in the best way.

Another huge advantage to a smaller pharmacy is that from time to time pharmacies run out of a particular medication. While a larger company might have rules mandating where medication can be purchased from, West Point Pharmacy can call other distributors and keep their inventory filled. One example he gave is that a medication called Bupropion has been in short supply recently and many of the larger pharmacies are simply out of stock. He has been able to keep it in stock because he has multiple suppliers who have helped him to do so. He has had several patients transfer all of their prescriptions over to him because of that one medication.

He also mentioned that for the past couple of years, a new shingles vaccine, Shingrix, has been difficult to obtain. Where there was a long waiting list of patients at the big chains, West Point Pharmacy has been able to provide the vaccine even though supplies are still limited.

One final example is a thyroid medication called Nature-Throid, which has been difficult to obtain but West Point Pharmacy has it in stock.

This access is important for two reasons. First patients don’t have to go without necessary medications which could cause them harm and, second, they don’t have to be switched to a replacement medication which could end up costing them more. Often alternatives are expensive brands that insurances don’t cover so the patients have to cover most of the costs on their own. By supporting locally owned businesses like West Point Pharmacy, it keeps money in our economy and keeps our community thriving. Good news is that moving your business to a smaller pharmacy doesn’t cost you anything more. Usually drug prices are the same no matter the pharmacy because prices are set by the insurance companies. We are glad to have West Point Pharmacy nearby and encourage you to give them a try when you fill your next prescription

Address: 3024 West 300 N Suite D West Point

Phone:(385) 999-6979


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