Charlie’s Service Center

Reliable, honest service since 1985.

Finding an automotive repair shop that you can trust and rely upon, year after year, is not always easy.  Let me tell you about one that is trustworthy, reliable and easy to find.  Charlie’s Service Center began in 1985 at its current location on 1901 N. Main Street in Sunset.  When I was a high school student, my car began to overheat one evening while driving on I-15, just south of Roy.  I lived in Ogden and was expected in Salt Lake City for work as a wedding photographer.  I could see Charlie’s from the interstate and took the next exit and pulled in.  I knew nothing about the place.  From the outside, it looked like any other 2-bay shop and gas station from the 1950’s or 60’s.  Except cleaner, neater and tidier than older service stations were 25 years ago.  A tired and weary looking Charlie DuBose was locking the front door as I pulled in.  I could feel my stomach drop as stepped out of my car, asking him, “Oh, no.  Are you closed?!”  Charlie nodded yes but then proceeded towards my car anyway.  “Why don’t you open ‘er up-?”  He ducked his head underneath the enormous hood of my 1972 Oldsmobile and I joined his side, anxious about having maybe as little as $10 on me and making it to work on time.  I thought I’d lost a radiator, hose or water pump.  “Ah, it’s just a belt.  No big deal.”  Without saying another word, Charlie opened his shop back up, grabbed a new belt and a socket wrench and took care of me.  I think if I’d pulled into just about any other shop that evening, I would’ve received a “we’re closed”, a shrug, followed by a “there’s a payphone out back if you need a ride home.”  Instead, I found Charlie and I made it to work on time…and I made sure that he received a dozen donuts the next day. 

It was that level of service that helped Charlie DuBose build a business and clientele, first within the neighborhood and shortly thereafter, all throughout Davis & Weber Counties.  Charlie’s has been known for honest and reliable work, since day one.  That reputation allowed the business to grow and grow…ultimately growing out of its humble beginnings.  In 2004, Charlie’s expanded into a new 6-bay building that they currently operate out of today.  They provide exceptional service on cars, trucks and RVs.  Charlie’s Service Center is accredited through the BBB with A+ rating, as well as a Napa Auto Care Center.  Most of all, they have a trust and an unwavering loyalty within their customer base and within the communities that they serve. 

Like so many others, I was greatly saddened to learn of Charlie’s passing 9 years ago.  However, I knew at that time that his son Justin and daughter-in-law Amanda would carry both the business and Charlie’s legacy forward and indeed they have done so, very well.  When you enter their business, you’re quickly welcomed and treated with respect, value and sincerity.  Their people make the difference, just as much as their quality and reputation.  Inside their customer waiting area is not the typical experience.  It’s bright, clean and comfortable, with an attentive customer service staff and easy view of the work bays and the work being done to your vehicle by their ASE Certified Technicians. 

As it was in the late 80’s when I first came to know Charlie’s Service Center…it is still one of the most reputable automotive repair shops around, today.  They will take care of you, your car, truck or RV…better than the rest. 

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