Public Works Update

Keeping Water Ways Clean

As debris, grime and dirt get onto our parking lots and driveways, it’s a good idea to clean up pollutants before they get into the storm drain system. One good way to prevent this from happening is to sweep it up and discard it into the garbage can. If we each do our part, we will help prevent pollutants from clogging up our storm drain pipes. It will also keep our waterways cleaner and our parking lots and driveways looking more appealing.

Construction Updates

Please refer to the city website for road construction updates. Government, Departments, Public Works, Streets

Watering Guides & Classes

Please follow recommendations from the Division of Water Resources “Weekly Watering Guide” Weber Basin Water Conservancy District offers localscapes classes at 2837 UT-193, Layton. Visit their website to register for the classes. Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, customer service, conservation.

August 10, 9:00 AM Localscapes University

August 14 6:00 PM Perennials You Should Grow

August 24 9:00 AM Localscapes Design Workshop

August 28 6:00 PM Patios and Paths Using Pavers and Stones

Public Works First Responders

The American Public Works Association (APWA) launched a Public Works First Responder campaign with this symbol which design is reminiscent of road construction signs, safety cones and construction barrels. The Public Works Department plays a critical role in emergency management efforts. This symbol is proudly displayed on the Public Works vehicles as well as a flag at the Public Works building.

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