Syracuse Island is Now Open!

Syracuse City is proud to announce the new interactive water feature Syracuse Island that opened June 22nd. Syracuse City is known for being “The Gateway to Antelope Island” and the new facility reflects it in its design. From the beautiful pavilions to the shade structures with bird images cut out of the canopy so the sun projects images of birds onto the ground. Eleven life size bison made of weathered looking steel, real stone boulders, a splash river, and series of fountains brings the project together to reflect what you might find on Antelope Island.

Mayor Gailey wrote, “I returned the Island water feature on Tuesday of Heritage Days a little shocked to see the number of children enjoying a hot summer day.  The water park was covered like fly-paper with wall-to-wall kids, and guardians watching over their antics. As a kid I don’t ever remember being bored; in trouble a lot, but never bored.  Our splash pad was the supply ditch that provided irrigation along 2000 West.  One hot afternoon my brother chased me around that ditch and knowing I was going to get thrown in, I dived head-first into the filthy water.  I came up with a gash in my left flank that disemboweled me, required 157 stitches and a course of heavy antibiotics.  I’ll never forget the look of horror on my mother’s face when she spotted me.  We’ve come a long way since the mid-50’s.  Kids still love water; but parents won’t have to witness what my poor mother endured, as I stood bleeding on her newly-waxed, kitchen floor.”

The brand new “Island” is a $1.6 million project that is open to the public for free. This is the final phase to the popular Chloe’s Playground as a crowning improvement to Centennial Park. There are currently two pavilions with picnic tables that are open to the public; however the large pavilion can be reserved for a fee. The City hopes this new feature will bring families and residents together to continue to build a better Syracuse.

The project was funded through a combination of impact fees that was received from the new growth in the City. Syracuse city has worked hard with the residents, community, and businesses such as the Syracuse Lions Club to help fund and bring this project to life.

The Syracuse Island provides something for the whole family and it was built to keep the community together. So many people worked hard on the project and did it for the benefit of the residents. Syracuse City is known for its dedication to its people and being the best they can be and this project really shows this. We hope that families and friends can become the community Syracuse dreams it to be.

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