Volunteers needed for Syracuse Youth Court

Syracuse Youth Court is looking for dynamic, committed, and self-motivated individuals with a passion for helping and working with youth to serve in a volunteer position as an adult adviser overseeing the administration of the Youth Court.

The Youth Court provides an alternative disposition for juvenile offenders in which youth participants, under the supervision of the adult adviser, and serve in various capacities within the courtroom, such as acting in the role of bailiffs, clerks and judges. Volunteers must be responsible, dependable, a resident of Syracuse City, and successfully complete a background check. Advisers will be responsible to oversee Youth Court proceedings Thursday nights from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. No court experience is necessary. Advisers will be provided with all necessary training and mentors who are currently serving on the Youth Court.

Youth Court is a community-based intervention/prevention program designed to provide an alternative response for the juvenile justice system for first-time, nonviolent, misdemeanor juvenile offenders where community youth determine the appropriate sanctions for the offender. The youth court system follows the restorative model of justice which emphasizes the beliefs of repairing harm done to victims as well as providing youth with the resources to make better decisions in the future. If interested and would like an application, please contact Lori Smith, Syracuse Youth Court Director,via text at 801-309-3364 or via E-mail at youthcourt@syracuseut.com

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