2019 Jr High Baseball All-Star Champions

This past month the City had the pleasure of hosting the Northern Utah Regional All-Star Tournament and the Syracuse Jr High Baseball All-Stars won the championship!  The team was coached by Ray Duncan and his assistant coaches Rich Rayl and Billy Packard.

Coach Duncan Writes:

“Special thanks to all the players for coming together as a team so quickly. These boys are all the type of players that all coaches desire to have on their team. For owning their positions and handling their responsibilities not like kids but like the outstanding young men that they are. Thanks to the parents for cheering us on and supporting us along the way.”


Duncan, Jacob

Rayl, Zander

Rayl, Caleb

Schuler, Conner

Packard, Chris

Packard, Mason

Daniels, Parker

Vasquez, Josh

Ogden, Jaxon

Spalding, Ty

Green, Garrett

Shumway, Carsen

Parker, Ty

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