Certified Hypnotherapy Training School

After using hypnotherapy techniques himself, Dennis Parker became a hypnotherapist and also runs a training school.

Dennis Parker was an angry man, and becoming out of control. He could even become violent. He didn’t know why he was angry, but he was. Working as a commissioned sales person, Dennis was attempting to support a family with 11 children. Many people didn’t want to buy from an angry sales person, so it wasn’t going well.

Dennis’ sister told him about a Hypnotherapist, who worked with such behaviors and felt she could help him. He went to start hypnotherapy. During the session, they discovered that the root to his anger issues was because his sister was killed 18 years previously. He had never released the emotions he had regarding her death and it was manifesting as anger. Under the treatment of his Hypnotherapist, he released all of that anger and it changed him completely. He was a new man.He was so moved by this treatment, he started to study hypnotherapy so he too could become a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Today, 30 years later, Dennis runs two hypnotherapy businesses. First as a clinical hypnotherapist helping people overcome: anxiety, fears and phobias,self-limiting beliefs, non-medical solutions for ADD and ADHD, pain control and migraines. He can also help people with debilitating maladaptive behaviors like pornography or self-abuse, sleeping difficulties, weight loss issues, smoking, gambling and addiction to electronic games. He particularly loves that he has helped hundreds of youth prepare for and successfully serve missions.

Now this is not the carnival trick of hypnosis you may have seen at a state or county fair. This is the use of deep relaxation and meditation, called entering a trance-pondering state, under the guidance of a hypnotherapist to access the subconscious mind and to address and overcome the emotional pains harbored there. These states and forms of hypnosis are only used for clinical therapy, not entertainment.

The second business is a Certified Hypnotherapy Training School for would-be hypnotherapists. The school is a post secondary proprietary School of Hypnotherapy in the State of Utah, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce. It is a professional trade school. Students are trained in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, suggestion hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and PPM Skills. The school’s motto is they are ‘helping people, help other people’.

Hypnosis is really just a controlled deep meditative state where a hypnotherapist can assist the client address emotional challenges that can be at the root of problem behavior. By addressing the emotional problems and releasing them from the subconscious, the problem behaviors or symptoms go away. It is not just for maladaptive behaviors though. He can also help athletes and salespeople perform at their highest level by learning to manage their minds through what are called ‘The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management’.

After helping thousands of people, Dennis felt he could help many more by founding a school. The school is located in Farr West, Utah where students can attend in person, or watch a live broadcast online from anywhere. Certified Hypnotherapy Training School offers course training for 20 different modalities. Students must complete 300 hours of schooling to become certified, 120 hours of live classes and the remainder are available through an online database of 1800 hours of content. Hypnotherapists in training can choose areas of specialty like pain control, addiction, abuse, working with children or other areas of focus. If you are interested in exploring an education and career as a hypnotherapist, the next course starts September 10th. Students can take and retake the classes as many times as needed so they can learn at their own pace. Be competent, be effective and be confident as you become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through Certified Hypnotherapy Training School.

Business: Training

Address:1980 North 2000 West-Farr West

Phone:(801) 628-0693

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