Employee Spotlight: Troy Jamison

The City would like to recognize Troy Jamison and his outstanding work in our Fire Department. Troy has been with Syracuse Fire Department since April 18, 1998.  This April will be 21 years he has been serving his Syracuse Community with courage, conviction and compassion.  Throughout his career, he has pushed himself to become educated in all areas of the fire service, EMS service, and he pursued higher education at college.  Troy received his Paramedic Certification in April 2013 making him the only full-time Firefighter at the department to hold the title. Troy is truly a peer in support of his team.  When it’s a rough day, or after a rough call, you can count on him to stop by and check in or drop a call or text just to offer his support.  He is very in tune to the needs of his team and patients alike.  He can often be spotted after a call sticking around to clean up for a patient, removing trip hazards and obstacles for the elderly, helping a family locate affordable mobility equipment, or just being a listening ear if they are lonely.  He genuinely cares about the citizens of Syracuse.  He is a great example to all who work for Syracuse City.

Thank you for all your hard work!

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