FREE Preparedness Class – Herbal basics and other good things

Calendula herb

Saturday September 21st  @ 7 pm  @ 1350 S 1800 w Syracuse

Come and learn some basics about herbs, vitamins and other very useful things that we can use every day or in an emergency. Preparing and growing your own is very easy and economical.  You know what you are getting because nothing is watered down or full of fillers. It’s 100% nature made.

How do you use herbs?  How do I start? What do the experts say? Have you ever tried herbs because other people say they work, but when you try them, you don’t get any results?  There are possible reasons for that.

Come hear about some of my experiences and share your own.

Judy Meservey- Syracuse Stake/District Preparedness coordinator,

Syracuse Disaster Preparedness Committee Chair.

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