If you ever thought life insurance wasn’t important

The first year we were married, Jason was the student body president of BYU.

The next four years he was in the top 6% of the life insurance industry as he qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table.

Year five his front tire blew on his handicap-accessible van and he spent 13 months in the hospital.

With almost ten years of surgeries and recovery, he was never able to go back to selling insurance.

Many agents work years to make it to MDRT.
Jason did it in only two months his first year in the business.

His dad was an insurance guy.
Jason inherited his massive sales skills from him (and Coleman got them, too!👊🏻)

This family believes in life insurance.

– We paid premiums when we could barely pay rent.
– His dad took out a little policy on Jason before he broke his neck. Those premiums, when he was young and in perfect health, were tiny compared to the ones we payed after.
– We even said yes to a policy where he was rated Table 16 – just one step above denial.
– We got Coleman’s first policy when he was born, complete with as many riders as we could get to secure future insurability.

This family believes in life insurance.

About eight months before Jason died, he and his brother (another agent in the family) went through our policies to make sure everything was in order.

T’s we’re crossed and I’s we’re dotted.

When Jason died, the sadness was crushing.
The shock still lingers.
The emptiness will stay forever.

But worry over our financial security was a fleeting thought.

We believed in the system.
And the system worked.
I didn’t worry about paying the mortgage or rushing back to work.
I didn’t worry about finding policies or rounding up files.
We had done that already.
His brother had everything he needed to help me.
I didn’t have to worry.

It’s an interesting feeling to deposit a check that feels more like a gift from the person you love.
The person you miss.
The person who is still providing even though they are gone.
The person protecting you.

I did that today.

Thanks Jas, for loving life insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. Thank you for Kolette Hall in giving us the WHY we all need some form of Life Insurance that fits your families budget and needs. If you have questions I encourage you to call me and we will do our best to find solutions for you. (801)825-3887

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