Public Works Newsletter

Winterize Secondary Water System

Secondary water season is ending October 15th. Pressures will begin to drop October 14th as the system drains. Protect your sprinkler system during the winter months by winterizing your system. We live in a climate that has freezing temperatures in the winter months that can burst pipes and valves that are not drained.

Water Meter Lids and Secondary Water Valve Lids

Please be sure to keep your water meter lid and secondary water valve lids accessible. Please be sure that new landscape does not cover or bury the lids. Trim overgrowth of lawn and vegetation to prevent them from covering the lid. This will allow the city to provide better service to you. It also allows a rapid response in an emergency when a valve may need to be turned off in order to protect your home and property.

Storing and disposing of materials

Properly storing and disposing of materials greatly reduces the potential for environmental contamination. With a change in the weather coming soon, it’s a great time to cover up, contain, secure and properly store any kind of potential pollutants to prevent it from going into a storm drain.  All containers should be closed when not in use. They should be stored off the ground and under cover to be protected from the outside elements.  Be sure to properly label the containers and make it legible. Any chemicals, petroleum, fertilizers should be stored with a second containment. Let us all do our part by protecting our water source.

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