Kim Cormier’s story of becoming whole again

Kim Cormier, a licensed nurse, was on her death bed but far too young to be saying goodbye to her family and friends. She was a prisoner to her bed and all her allergies made it impossible to live the way she used to. By that time the doctors knew what she was battling but didn’t know how to treat it.

A doctor in Pennsylvania worked with a local doctor over the phone to help Kim with her medications. This local doctor had never dealt with this disease and after working with Kim, three more people came to his office with the same symptoms. 

Kim was desperate to find a cure for what was killing her. She put her story on Facebook hoping someone could help her and someone directed her to a book by Anthony William. Kim’s husband instantly bought the book from Barnes and Noble. What she read rang true to her and she started the 28 day cleanse and slowly started to see improvement. 

Kim was diagnosed with Mastocytosis among other things, which caused her mast cells to produced too much histamine. This caused a lot of swelling.  She couldn’t swallow, she struggled to breathe and she was allergic to the dust outside, the dust inside, and foods that never used to bother her! 

Kim had experienced fatigue due to Thyroid and Fibromyalgia disease for years but she learned to live with it. In 2012 she got Shingles then neuropathy. One day when they were remodeling their home, Kim started to feel funny after they pulled up the old carpet. She went to her bedroom and sat next to her epipen as she felt the onset of an allergic reaction creeping on. She couldn’t breathe. She ran downstairs yelling for her husband to stop vacuuming and he met her in the back yard where they called 911. They told her to use the epipen and 30 seconds after injecting herself she could breathe again.

They said it was just asthma and severe allergies, but she had an allergic reaction to everything they gave her to help with the symptoms. She even began having allergic reactions to foods she had eaten all her life, corn, garlic, and the list went on. She cleaned out her house of all chemicals, scents, and candles and she started to find herself confined to her house, then her room, and then her bed under her covers. It was terrible.

In Anthony’s book, Kim learned that the main cause of her illness was her liver. She started his cleanse and shortly after she could sit up in bed, walk around in her room, go down stairs and eventually go outside. She got off oxygen and her medication and now she buys all of her foods at Smith’s. She precooks meals so they’re ready for her when she’s hungry. She buys her meat organic from a local farmer and she has hamburger patties and salads prepared along with potatoes, cauliflower, and green beans steamed and ready to eat when she needs it. She cooks less and feels so good with her new diet. Kim is doing so much better today. If you saw her in the community you wouldn’t know that she had almost died two years ago. This resource drastically changed Kim’s life and she hopes she can help others find solutions if they ever find themselves in a similar situation as her. 

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