Public Works Update

As you prepare for winter, be mindful of parking vehicles off the street during snowfall and during snow removal operations. Snow removal can take up to 36 hours after the snowstorm is over. Parking on the street not only impedes snow removal operations but is also unlawful and will be cited. (Ord 11-20-050)

Tree Trimming: This is a good time of year to trim trees along the roads and sidewalks. Remember the 7/11 rule for trimming clearance: 7 feet above the sidewalk and 11 feet above the street. Offer to help others who may need assistance with tree trimming.

Clean gutters: Please keep your gutters and storm inlet grates clear from leaves, grit, and debris. Doing so allows good drainage into storm drains. This not only prevents flooding, but also keeps our downstream habitat healthy. As leaves begin to fall, look for ways to help those needing assistance with raking, sweeping, and preventing leaves from going into our storm drains. Thank you for making this community look great!  

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