Thai Curry Kitchen

When most people think of curry, they often have a particular flavor in mind, and maybe a color. For me, that color is yellow, which, when found in Thai Curry, gets its distinctive color from the spice, Tumeric. Others think that all curry is hot, as in spicy hot, that is also not true. What I didn’t realize is curry is actually defined as sauce with flavors. Those flavors can be extremely varied.

We sat down with John Thompson, the General Manager of Thai Curry Kitchen in Ogden, and sampled about 8 different flavors of curry. We tasted green, yellow, white, massaman, papuan, Red Jungle, Spicy Steve, and pumpkin, which is seasonal. All were delicious and none of them tasted remotely the same. The names and flavors are determined by the spices and ingredients in each sauce. They vary from savory to sweet, with degrees of heat ranging from none to flames out of your nostrils. Yes, wimpy tongues can eat here too. Ask for a sample of any of the flavors that seem interesting to help decide which one to have on your meal. Meals are put over brown or white rice and can be combined with a protein of your choice along with fresh veggies on top.

Thai Curry Kitchen is a fast-casual style restaurant.

If you are trying to be a bit healthier for your lunch or dinner, or simply want a break from the standard burger and fries routine, Thai Curry Kitchen can fit both of those bills. Their fast-casual style restaurant is patterned after Thailand’s numerous street food vendors. It is located in the heart of the new Nine Rails Creative District on 25th Street, just east of Washington and across the street from the iconic Weber County Main Library. There you will find a charming small diner run by at most 3 employees. This lean operation though, can feed you and your friends or family in a hurry with their simple yet flavorful dishes. In fact, they are so fast and efficient that it almost isn’t necessary to call your order ahead. John says that people often call ahead, but the restaurant still waits until just before the customer arrives to make their food because it only takes 20 seconds to prepare.

Thai Curry Kitchen is one of those places where you can taste the freshness of the food. All food is purchased and prepared daily; their freezer is only for the shrimp and ice cream when they have it seasonally. In addition to curry dishes, you can also enjoy some fresh appetizers like spring rolls, pot stickers and some fresh salads. Their most popular salad is the Rainbow Salad which consists of spiralized zucchini, carrots, red cabbage, peppers, cilantro, topped with a peanut dressing, sesame seeds and edamame (delish!). For dessert, you will have to try the Mango Sticky Rice! I loved it; it is my comeback flavor.

Rainbow salad

John is there nearly every day and prides himself in running a clean, efficient, fresh and environmentally aware restaurant. He is a partner in the business with Steve Ballard, who owns the Sonora Grill in Downtown Ogden. Steve and John have become really good friends over the years, and when Steve decided to open a Thai restaurant, he asked John to partner with him and run it. Before opening, they and their families all flew to Thailand to experience the culture and taste the flavors. That trip has had a lasting impact on their menu and on their approach to creating their dishes.
We highly recommend stopping by Thai Curry Kitchen and giving it a try. Our our guess is that it will make it onto your list of regular haunts after just one visit. You can also find their food truck at various events across the valley. Follow their instagram @thaicurrykitchen to find out the location and times of their truck.

Mango sticky rice

Thai Curry Kitchen
582 25th st.
Ogden, UT 84401
P: (385) 333-7100

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