General Election Results

Thanks To Those That Voted In The Syracuse City Municipal General Election. The Syracuse City General Election was held November 5, 2019 and of the 14,132 registered voters in Syracuse, 4.117 of you turned out to vote; this equates to a 29.13 percent voter turnout. Thank you for taking an interest in your community and letting your voice be heard!
Congratulations to the those elected to office in Syracuse City. The newly elected officials that will be sworn into office in January of 2020 are:
Councilmember-Elect Dave Maughan (4-year term)
Councilmember-Elect Seth Teague (4-year term)
Councilmember-Elect Lisa Wood Bingham (4-year term)
Any questions regarding the information contained in this article or any aspect of Syracuse City Municipal Elections can be directed to the City Recorder, Cassie Brown, at 614-9633 or by emailing

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