Students of the Month

“West Davis Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence”
In order to recognize outstanding students and athletes in Syracuse, the Community and Economic Development Department has developed the West Davis Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence. This monthly award recognizes the outstanding performance of male and female students who excel in athletics, arts and/or academics. The individuals selected for this award will be identified by Syracuse City in partnership with representatives from the local recreation department, and local elementary, junior high and high schools.

Tysha Williams

Cook Elementary

Tysha Williams exemplifies a caring and thoughtful student. She is kind and inclusive to all. She is more aware of others than the typical sixth grade student. She truly wants everyone to feel included. Tysha cares about doing well in all her school subjects. She does her best work and encourages others to work also. Tysha participates in the HOPE squad, which reaches out to students in physical or emotional need.

Brock Belleau

Cook Elementary

Brock Belleau is very respectful and is always the first to recognize where there is a need. He is the first to jump in and help in any way. He is very selfless in his thinking and an amazing example to all. Brock is very helpful to students with special needs in our class. He provides service daily without being asked. Brock takes ballroom classes at the school and is on a competition soccer team. He is a hard worker and puts his full effort into everything he does. Brock is a member of the student council which provides services to our school community. He earns wonderful grades in school because of his dedication and strong efforts.

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