Pie n’ Fry

Chili Verde Smothered Fries
-a popular favorite

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Pie and Fry! In other words, Pizza and French Fries.

It is a great spot in the heart of Ogden off Grant Ave. Restaurateur RyanGlenn has had restaurants for years and, in a recent move to Ogden, wanted to bring some of the best aspects and most popular dishes from his other restaurants to our valley. He knows what people love at his other restaurants in Park City, Heber, and Salt Lake, so he created a new concept in Pie and Fry. With custom, gourmet, personal pizza and smothered, delicious French Fries with many custom or in-house creations on the menu, you will enjoy your visit. You can also stay on the lighter side by opting keto-friendly wings and salads.

We tried some of their more popular options from both the Pie and the Fry sides of the menu. If you are taking a date, consider each getting a pizza or salad and sharing a smother of fries. Their made-from-scratch sauces are cooked to order, and the food is fresh and delicious.

Pizzas we tried are the Adriatic, with pepperoni, black olives and feta cheese. Named after the Adriatic Sea, which runs between the countries of Italy and Greece. This pizza is not quite Italian and not quite Greek. It is quite delicious and my personal favorite of those that we tried. We also enjoyed the Chicken BBQ with chicken, cheddar, red pepper, and onion over BBQ sauce. Melissa’s favorite was the Thai Sweet Chili pizza, which tops a sweet chili sauce with mozzarella, chicken, onion, pineapple, jalapeño and some fresh herbs and spices, which make this pie delicious with a hint of heat.

For our smothered fries, we had ChiliVerde with large chunks of pork, which was the favorite for both of us. TheChili and cheese Fries are just what they sound like and are patterned after the Canadian food craze called Poutine Gravy; all were delicious. The fries are large steak fries and cooked to a crispy golden brown, so they don’t get soggy too quickly in the sauces.

You can also stay on the healthier side of the menu by opting for their custom salads. We had the pork salad with greens, seasoned pork, tomato, red onion, and cheddar cheese and tortilla strips across the top. Wings with any of their sauces are also cooked beautifully.

This new addition to the Ogden Restaurant scene is a welcome site and a must-try for your next night out. Prices are very reasonable with lots of options for everyone. The menu includes gluten free, vegetarian, and other allergy-friendly options.

Editor’s Note: The What to Eat article you just read is a sponsored restaurant spotlight. We do not critique restaurants and if we run across a restaurant that we don’t enjoy, we will simply refund their money and not run the article because we choose to focus on the positive. We just want to share with you what we experience at these local eating establishments that in-part support this publication

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