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Question: I’d like to participate in important city decisions, but I’m too busy to attend council meetings. What can I do to give input?

Answer:We get it: between jobs, travel, family, school and other obligations, many of our citizens are swamped and put their trust in elected leaders to make good decisions. It takes a lot of time to attend council meetings and give public comment.

There are some issues, though, where we really need as much citizen input as possible. Do you have an opinion about the proposed regional park? City services? Recreational amenities? We would like to hear about it! So, out of respect for your valuable time, we are asking residents for as little as one minute each month to answer surveys that will help officials gauge the larger community’s opinions. All you need is a home address in Syracuse, and an internet or telephone connection. The more participation we get, the more the results will be representative of the entire community. Make your voice heard and serve your community!

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