The Police Department needs your help!

Syracuse Police Department needs parents’ help to keep kids safe from online predators. As of late, there have been several people arrested and charged with enticing minors over the internet throughout Northern Utah. In the charging documents for these arrests, children were victims of sexual enticement. While Syracuse is not immune to these crimes, we need parents’ help to make sure your child is not a victim of these crimes. We ask that you speak to your children about these issues and please be aware of what your children are doing online. Look at your child’s search history, look through their phone, check their apps, check saved images and the deleted images file, know who they are texting and talking to. If it is not someone you know or have heard of, ask your children questions about their conversations. In a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said, “Look, it’s not a crime to be a nosy parent.” And doing so could prevent your children from being a victim.

Remember, the internet connects predators from all around the world with our kids here locally. Syracuse Police Department works with state, federal, and international partners to address these matters, and to the best of their abilities; however, parenting is the best app, and talking with your kids about their phones and what is on them is the best practice for prevention of being a victim.

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