Ruckus Ax Throwing

Three young entrepreneurs have given their customers a fun way to get out a little frustration.

 When Brayden Galbraith and his friends went to a party at an axe throwing venue in Ogden and had a blast, he decided to build his own throwing lane at his home in the back yard. After a couple months of throwing and really enjoying himself, he spoke with his brother and a good friend, and they decided to open a new axe throwing center here in Syracuse. Located in the strip mall near the Walmart Center, it is a great place to go for some fun entertainment that anyone can do.

Brayden, his brother RJ Bate, and friend Dallyn Zaugg, all local men who graduated from Syracuse High School and love the community, went in together and literally hand built their beautiful new venue. First time entrepreneurs who have never owned a business, they just dove in and learned what they needed to learn. They have now been open for 6 months, with plans to open another center in the next 6 months.

They have taken the time to decorate and make things look great. There are about 10 lanes where groups can throw axes at wood targets. There are two approaches: either two-handed over-the-head, which is preferred by most, and a one-handed approach that happened to work better for me. The goal is to throw the axe and firmly plant its blade in the wood target on the wall. Brayden said that, so far, they are 100% at getting people to be able to stick at least one axe in the target. It is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of things and follow the instructions, you will be able to stick one for sure. Brayden and his partners are good teachers.

Haven’t thrown an ax before? That’s okay! To start: there are two approaches to throwing, either two-handed over-the-head, or a one-handed throw.

There is something exhilarating about throwing a sharp metal object as hard as you can at a wall. When Melissa threw the first one, she couldn’t help herself and exclaimed “Sorry!” She just felt like she was hurting something. There is quite the feeling of pride, however, when the axe sinks its blade deep within the wood target. You can’t help but smile.

If you like the destruction and need even more, they also have a “Rage Room,” where you can enter after signing an extensive waiver and wreak destruction on glass bottles, plates, and other breakable items. Inside this wood room, you have access to a baseball bat, golf club, and even a police baton. It looks like great fun.

This is a great date night idea, and they are always busy during high school dance nights. According to Brayden, it is a more exciting version of bowling. They even have a throwing league. You can compete for a custom engraved throwing axe against other local enthusiasts.

This can also be a great team-building exercise. They have price breaks for larger groups and can even host company parties or events. There is room for food and lots of fun for all who attend. We loved spending time with Brayden and hope you willgive axe throwing a try at Ruckus Axe Throwing and supportthese young local Syracuse entrepreneurs.


2058 W 1700 S

Ste. 103,

Syracuse, UT


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