Shelf Genie: Making the most of your storage space

Rebecca and Mike Gardner have both worked in successful careers, Rebecca in marketing and office management, and Mike in outside sales and business development. They learned about ShelfGenie, which makes custom pull-outs for organizing and making any storage space more efficient and usable; they were instantly intrigued. Upon researching, they found that ShelfGenie did not have a presence along the Wasatch Front, and they knew the ShelfGenie custom pull-outs were needed in Utah. They were so intrigued by the company and the high-quality product, that they decided to start ShelfGenie of the Wasatch Range. They
opened their franchise business doors in February of 2019. ShelfGenie has been in
business since the year 2000.

Rebecca was born and raised in Ogden, where her family has been in the custom furniture business for several generations and also originally owned Burton Lumber. After finding out about the high-quality products of ShelfGenie, Rebecca and Mike were excited to start offering these custom products in Utah. Shelf Genie is the industry leader of pull-out and glide-out shelving technology nationwide, with over 60 locations across the US and Canada.

Each pull-out is custom designed and then made by hand to perfectly match the space it is installed into. They do not use any plastic in their components and have pull-outs that can hold up to 200 lbs. at full extension. The entire slide mechanism is made from cold-rolled steel with sealed ball bearings, so they are made to last a lifetime. The furniture-grade units are also sealed with a proprietary ultraviolet coating process to prevent yellowing and cracking.

Most people have these pull-outs installed in their kitchen to help organize their cabinets and pantries. They are also often installed in closets, offices, garages/shops, and even in custom hutches and entertainment centers. They even have a really cool solution for that awkward closet area many of us have under our stairs. They can really be used anywhere to make things more accessible and to fully utilize the space available.

It works like this: A Designer will come to your home for a free, no obligation design consultation. They will review your areas of frustration with you, and with a proprietary CAD- based 3D software program, will create design options so you can see what the finished products will look like and how they will function. Once a design solution is agreed upon, a certified ShelfGenie installer will measure with precision, to within the millimeter, in order to efficiently maximize the spaces you have. In fact, due to the fully custom construction, exact measurements, and slide-out technology, they can often increase usable closet and pantry spaces by 30% to 50%.

Once the glide-outs are custom and handmade to perfection, the installer will professionally install them and do whatever other work is required in your spaces to ensure a solid, attractive, and lasting installation. They can put in single high, double high, triple high, and file box high glide-outs in order to best store your items. They even have custom designs with a sloped back or sloped sides to help keep things secure as you slide them out and in. They also offer spice tower and tray bin solutions that are very handy.

Upon researching ShelfGenie and reading overwhelmingly positive online reviews, you will want to look into these custom, space-enhancing solutions for your home too. Customers love the product and consistently say, “I wish I had done it sooner!” As we prepare to update our nearly 30-year-old kitchen shelves, we are excited to have ShelfGenie come and help us get organized!

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