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Question: I’ve heard that Syracuse doesn’t plan for development. What has the city done to plan for new land uses?

Answer: Syracuse has been rapidly growing since around the turn of the century, so our plans are constantly being updated. We have master plans for transportation, water, storm drains, parks, trails, and public safety. But one of the biggest planning tools – which was updated last year – is the city’s general plan (online at http://www.syracuseut. gov/DocumentCenter/ View/143/General-Plan– Map-PDF). The general plan helps guide the vast development of services, roads, and homes; it includes a map that provides suggested uses. The majority of the city is general planned for low-density residential uses. There are areas, particularly along major corridors like Antelope Drive and the scheduled West Davis Corridor, that are planned for medium or high- density residential uses, or commercial and industrial uses.

But appearance on the general plan is not enough to establish a use; property owners must bring proposals to the city for zoning approval. The Planning Commission and Council evaluate those proposals and decide whether to authorize the use.

The city is also actively developing an economic
development plan – stay tuned!

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