Women in Business: Alaina Rupe

Alaina Rupe is the CEO of Begin Rich.

Hello. My name is Alaina Rupe, CEO and Co-Founder of Begin Rich. I am all about Women Empowerment and helping entrepreneurs succeed. I believe that WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS; WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. I help women entrepreneurs answer these questions: What is stopping you from reaching your dreams? Why can’t you surpass the $1,000 a month mark or $10,000 a month mark, and make it to that next level?

Sacrifice is relative to your situation.Becoming an entrepreneur at the age of ten, I began selling “otter pops” on hot summer days outside of dance studios and elementary schools, “sacrificing” my free time to work, and I loved it. At the age of twelve, I began working and teaching dance while in school to help my family pay for our mortgage, cars, insurance, and basic needs. Imagine being 7 years old and having your parents split up, your father unreachable. Then, shortly thereafter, you find yourself living with a mother suffering from amnesia and bipolar disorder, no longer able to remember or care for the people she used to love most. Though today, relationships have repaired, these struggles made me who I am. As you might imagine, I had to grow up quickly. I began working full-time at the age of twelve in order to support my single mother and siblings. While doing so, I learned that I loved hard work and being an entrepreneur. I found an escape from the realities of life through dance and writing. Those two things have remained passions of mine. Right out of high school, I managed hundreds of employees for my day job, while also running my dance choreography company for which I traveled all over the nation. I even choreographed for teams in London, England – getting paid to do what I love.

While studying business at the University of Utah and opening a Real Estate Investment company, I fell even more in love with entrepreneurship, investing, and business. I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my everyday life – to not just run successful companies, but help others do the same. I love knowing I am making a difference in someone else’s life by sharing my passions and talents.

Today, my goal is to empower others. My focus is, specifically, to help strong women and teen-girls in business have the courage to dream big and reinvent their lives. You don’t have to live in poverty and struggle just because your parents did, and their parents did. If you set your mind to something, and partner with the right people, you can do anything. Because if I can do it, so can you.

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