Women in Business: Annette Judd

The Magic Touch! That is the special ingredient in Annette Judd’s real estate business. Annette has been a real estate agent since 2014. After graduating High School in St. Louis, MO, Annette joined the Air Force and became an air traffic controller. Annette then started a civilian career as an air traffic controller. It was a great job for her because she knew she wasn’t cut out for a desk job. She and her first husband had 4 children and moved around quite a bit due to military service. She eventually landed in Utah and married Ryan Judd, who brought 3 kids of his own to the table. With a bundle of seven, they keep very busy and love spending time together. When Annette left her position as an Air Traffic Controller in 2016, she was nervous about doing real estate full time, but she is super glad that she did. It has been one of the best decisions of her life. Over the years, as she has built a business and developed a clientele, she has continued to learn and grow. Often in Real Estate transactions, unanticipated and unknown situations pop up. She has developed a knack of being able to overcome those situations. Her husband refers to it as the magic touch, she calls it her intuition or gut instinct. After several years of experiencing that touch, she has realized that it is kind of her special talent.

The second part of her magic touch is the way she treats her clients. Her magic touch means that people are treated with respect and honesty. She was taught by other realtors to never talk about the cost of her services until the client has signed an agreement. She later realized that it was crazy because that would be one thing she would want to know before making a decision. She also says that most agents assume the consumer doesn’t know anything about Real Estate. She says she knows clients have usually bought and sold homes before. They are not clueless, so she meets them where they are to ensure they have an expert on their team that can help them have the best transaction possible. She custom tailors each transaction to the client’s needs.

I can say from personal experience that Annette is extremely kind and caring and treats everyone with respect. She is also intelligent, and you can tell she is skilled at her trade. Recently, she was elected by her community of West Point City as a City Council Member. It is no doubt that her neighbors could sense that same powerful yet kind presence in her. If you are looking for that magic touch in your next real estate transaction, Annette is your magician!

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