Women in Business: Deanne Argyle

DeAnne Argyle helps people get educated on the financial world.

Deanne Argyle was a single mom working as a nurse at a hospital. She had goals of becoming a doctor and was trying to do something to get herself and her son in a better situation. She was referred to a man, who later became her husband, to help her get more financially set. He told her if she got licensed, they could compensate her for her referrals to help her earn some extra money.
Within her first year, she saw the huge need to teach financial literacy. “I have never been thanked more than I have after helping other people get control of their finances.” She decided to forgo the medical career because she saw she could make a bigger impact by pursuing this one.
Deanne is passionate about helping others make sense of the financial world in a simple way. Her biggest highs come from seeing fulfillment in a plan. “I get excited when I see people hit their goals!” She said it’s wonderful to see the burden lifted when her clients get out of debt. She also experiences a lot of fulfillment when she sees families at peace and financially secure after losing a loved one. Some of her clients invite her to big life events because of how she has impacted them.
“We live in a world where it’s pretty common for people to live paycheck to paycheck. There is more to life than that, and I want to help people make a change.” She recommends to everyone: create a habit of paying yourself 10% into savings before paying your bills. “You are your most important asset.” She said it can be tough on her when she talks to someone, they decide to not do anything about it, and then something happens that could’ve been avoided.

She sees people who are overwhelmed, and they think they are too far gone. “Anyone can change their situation, no matter how bad it it is… It’s never too late.” She said they need to become aware, educated, and empowered to know what they need to do to make a change.

You can reach Deanne at deanneargyle@ gmail.com or give her a call at 801-628-2011. She will help set you on the right track to achieve your goals. She can help connect you with the education you need. Some people want to get out of debt, others want to invest in rentals or make a plan for retirement. Give her a call, and she can help you make a customized plan for which you will surely thank yourself in the years ahead. You can also reach her on Instagram @deanneargyle

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