Women in Business: Laura Christine

“Unfortunately, our society’s standard of what is acceptable from a customer service point of view is fairly low. I wanted to do things differently with my hair clients.” This is the basis of the philosophy which guides Laura Christine in her business and the extras she puts in to help make her clients raving fans. Having more than 20 years of experience in hair care has taught her, primarily through personal experience, how to specialize in helping women who have naturally curly hair. Having naturally curly hair herself, she has known the frustration it can cause to get her hair to behave, so she has sought out the best in hair care and training to become a curly hair expert.

Laura has also developed her expertise through much research and study. She believes that the art of hair care is never fully learned. She continues to study and do research. She attends ongoing training each year. One class that she is certified in, and continues to research, is Brazilian Blowout. Brazilian Blowout is a hair treatment that puts a protective layer around each strand of hair, helping to reduce frizz and protect hair from damage.

When you combine a desire to go above and beyond with an unquenchable desire to learn
all you can about how to best care for hair and skin, you get Beauty by Laura Christine. So,
what are the extras she does for her clients? For starters, she never double books. Often,
when you get your hair done, your stylist will double book so that while your chemicals are
doing their work, your stylist can cut someone else’s hair. Laura wants to keep an eye on the chemicals to ensure that they are performing how they should. This creates some downtime for her clients, so she fills those down times with things such as hand and arm massages, head and neck massages, and other comfort-inducing activities. Laura wants every client to feel like they are her only and most important client.

One of her secret ingredients in going above and beyond is the product she uses in her salon. She is the only provider of Jack Winn Pro products in the immediate area. These chemicals and products are significantly more expensive than much of what is used at most salons. She made the decision that this wouldn’t cost more, nor be an optional upgrade, for clients who are willing to pay more; she made it part of her standard of care. She believes in full service for everyone. That is what you get with Beauty by Laura Christine.

“Laura Christine Norton is the best there ever was. She provides the royal treatment, gave my hair the pick-me-up it needed, waxed my eyebrows, massaged my hands, and had wonderful conversations with me throughout the entire time I was there.” Crysi Muhwezi

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