Women in Business: Maria Berry

Maria Berry runs the administrative side of Bear Creek Roofing.

Maria comes from an extensive background of business and retail management. Maria’s husband, Tim, has been roofing since 1991 and founded Bear Creek Roofing Services in 2007. Tim was running the business at first, but Maria has gradually taken over the administrative side. She has worked hard to modernize and computerize. These efforts have made it possible for the company to grow. They have chosen to expand slowly in order to protect themselves and their employees. It’s very important to Bear Creek Roofing to keep their crews all year long and from year to year. This policy enhances the quality of their work. One of the first things Maria did was to keep Tim right on track with customer service. If someone needed to be called back that day, she made sure it happened, even if it was 8 o’clock at night. Lots of contractors miss calling back on time, and she wanted their company to be different. She added her customer service background to his knowledge and skills in the field. Tim believes in getting the job right the first time. He says, “I’m your roofer. No one wants to see their roofer more than once, and if I do my job right the first time, you will never have to see me again.”

Maria loves her team, and it is important that all of her employees are successful and accomplish their individual goals. “Our experience sets our company apart.” At Bear Creek Roofing, they don’t hire salesmen who are compensated to sell you something you don’t need. All of the assessors are former roofers and have the experience to recommend the correct course of action according to each individual homeowner’s needs. They will be very straightforward and sensitive to your pocket book and offer fair pricing.

The Berrys are a blended family with seven children, ranging in age from 5 to 23. So, while everything is going on with the business, Maria is still running the family. She says, “You can either find me in the office or the carpool lane.” She hopes to teach her kids a strong work ethic. Their 21-year-old daughter works in the office, and she does a great job. Lots of times, Maria works late at night when everyone is asleep. “It’s hard to be everything you need to be as a mom and run a business in a male-dominated field. I never ever thought I would be running a roofing company, but I like it!” Maria enjoys the fast pace. Every day is different, every customer is different. Every employee and customer is valued.

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