Women in Business: Stacie & Heather Olsen

This Olsen family brings a new woman owned business to Syracuse! OsteoStrong uses their patent pending spectrum equipment, a system where members exude approximately 60 seconds of effort, one time per week, to strengthen their skeletal system. It is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or medical treatment. It is a unique and strategic system that improves bone density, balance, athletic performance and lessens joint and back pain for individuals of all ages. The program uses a process known as Osteogenic Loading which delivers measurable results, unleashing physical freedom for its users.

Opening the center in Syracuse is an opportunity for our community members to have access to a truly transformative experience. Lives will be changed for the better and we will make the community stronger one person at a time. Allowing people to live the life they want to live, pain free! Using Osteostrong’s equipment for 60 seconds one time a week, is a natural way to trigger your body’s adaptive responses. You have to try it for yourself and you can even take advantage of a free trial. Results can often be seen as soon as your second visit. The great thing is it will help any one at any age. It is called the ultimate Biohack!

Sisters-in-law Stacie and Heather Olsen are franchise owners of this new center. Stacie is a mom of 3 amazing kids! She is a Military Wife. She has been a stay at home mom for quite some time. After hearing about OsteoStrong and how much it can help people, she knew it would help to help the community significantly, and she was 100% on board! Sacrificing time away from her family has been worth it when she sees the incredible results members are seeing in only two and a half months of being open! Stacie is a go-getter and ready to take on this new challenge! Heather Olsen has worn many hats, but none have been as rewarding as being a business owner! Heather and her husband have a total of 6 kids!

They run a trucking company as well as the Syracuse OsteoStrong Center! Being in this rewarding industry is right where she has always wanted to be! Seeing new faces walk through the door, and seeing their amazing results is so incredible! It has been so rewarding to teach our children that serving others is so much more rewarding than working a normal 8-5 job. Growing our business and helping our community gain their independence back is the inspiration for us to do what we do. We hope our children can see how awesome this whole journey is, and will continue to be!!

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