Community Question Corner: New water tower?

Question: Rumor has it that the city is building a
new water tower. Is this true?

Answer: Yes, the city’s new culinary water tower is under construction right now. It is located outside of the city.

It is going to be huge. We currently have a 1-million-gallon culinary tank there; the new tank will store 3 million gallons of treated, culinary water. At full capacity, it will be holding about 25,000 tons of water! The existing 1-million-gallon tank will be re-purposed for use in our secondary water system (untreated sprinkler water). An old 100,000-gallon tank onsite has reached the end of its useful life and is being decommissioned. The tank took months of planning and engineering and has a price tag of around $6 million, for which the council approved a bond last year. A combination of utility fees and impact fees are paying down the bond. We anticipate that the tank will be complete and operational in early 2021.
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