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Grout is Out! This spring, overhaul your bathroom with a sleek new surface.

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. It should be calm, relaxing, and beautiful. You spend quite a bit of time there, and chances are, you’ve noticed that some of its surfaces could use a facelift. A crack here, a dark spot there, a neglected corner that you hope no one sees. As your bathroom ages, the tile is usually fine, except for its deadly weakness: grout. The porous surface of grout can collect dirt, need to be sealed, become discolored, or worst of all, get mold that no amount of scrubbing can remove. Not fun!

Everyone wants a beautiful, clean bathroom, but let’s admit it, we don’t want to spend our precious leisure time cleaning. The bathroom should be as easy to clean as possible. We want the surfaces to be smooth and seamless. As you create a plan for your bathroom remodel, consider which materials are going to work best for you in the long run. Cultured stone is very easy to clean. You don’t have to deal with all the cracks or the uneven surfaces of tile and grout; you just wipe it clean. Any non-abrasive household cleaner is great.

Avoid any cleaner that feels gritty between your fingers so you don’t scratch the surface. Cultured marble looks like natural stone, but is lighter, requires less maintenance, and is about 40% less expensive. It’s made from a mixture of different stone particles and resin which combine to simulate real marble with realistic colors and patterns. It can be custom-shaped to each project, and is ideal for showers, tub-surrounds, countertops and sinks. You never have to seal it. If marble isn’t the look you want, maybe cultured granite would be more your style. The possibilities are endless. It’s time to embrace your inner design star!

Sand & Swirl manufactures each custom piece to order, right here in Ogden. If your bathroom is an unusual size or shape, it’s easy to create something that will fit. Their crews have many years of experience and do a wonderful job with the installation. It’s time for your bathroom to make all the other bathrooms jealous.

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