Community Question Corner: Differences between culinary and secondary water

What is the difference? Think bottled water vs. irrigation ditches. Syracuse provides access to two different sources of water and uses different pipes for very different needs. Culinary water is treated and required to meet water quality standards for drinking. This water is used for all indoor plumbing. We receive most of our treated water from the Weber Basin Conservancy District, along with our own well. The water is tested regularly by certified water technicians.

Secondary water is used for outdoor watering of lawns and gardens. It is untreated and contains contaminants that, if consumed, may make humans sick. The water running down rivers and irrigation ditches for farms comes from the same source. By saving the expense associated with treating the water, residents have access to lower-cost water for sprinklers.

The differences between the two make it essential that they are never mixed. Those who cross-connect their culinary and secondary systems are putting the community at risk and breaking the law.

Ordinary concerns with water may be reported during business hours to (801) 825-7235. Emergencies (like main breaks in the road) should be reported to (801) 643-5775.

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