Russon Mortuary

A third generation family business that helps their customers when they need it most.

Matt Russon is a funeral director at Russon Mortuary and is a part of the third generation running the family business. It started out with his grandfather, Milton, and his cousins, Dale and Leo, purchasing a mortuary in Salt Lake City. The family has since expanded their locations to include Farmington and Bountiful, with their newestlocation in Syracuse, Utah. Matt explained that when a family calls them for the first time, they try to have the same funeral director interact with the family all the way to the end. Funeral directors are the ones who help with planning, ordering, and complete follow-through with the viewing, funeral, and burial. “The detailed, compassionate care that we give to each family, and the great time and effort we take for the proper preparation for the body is unsurpassed,” said Matt. They give families the opportunity to dress and do the hair and makeup of their loved one and spend as much time as the family needs.

Matt said some funeral directors they hired from other mortuaries have been happy with the amount of time they are expected to take in caring for those who have passed away. Their goal is for families to feel like they are really saying goodbye to their loved one. Russon Mortuary has a reputation for making the deceased look natural, peaceful, and as close to life- like as possible.

“There are some families that are ok without a full viewing and service. Everyone has a different idea about what they need,” said Matt. “We cremate the body and they have their own way of processing the grief.” For the most part, psychologists found that it really helps a family through the grieving process when a family is able to see their loved one and say a peaceful goodbye. He said some people come in laughing and joking, relieved the suffering has ended. At Russon Mortuary, they try to match the feeling the family exudes in a caring and compassionate way, especially in the case of a tragic death. Sympathy and compassion really encompass everything they do at Russon Mortuary.

All three of their current locations have a full chapel where they can have a funeral or memorial service. They also have several large viewing rooms and a full display of 25 caskets or more for families to choose from. Whether it is arranging for the funeral, burial, putting together the obituary, or providing a death certificate, Russon Mortuary can help. They can also provide audio and video recordings for services, funeral pre-planning and pre-paying, and they accept transfers from other mortuaries as well. They can help with honoring veterans properly with military tribute and funeral honors. Russon Mortuary will accommodate any religion, culture, or any kind of need regarding the proper burial, cremation, or out-of-state transfer of a loved one. They will personalize the service for the individual.

Matt certainly has a voice and demeanor that exudes calmness and comfort. He has been interested in the field since he was a kid and always asked his dad questions and wanted to go to work with him. While in college, Matt thought and prayed about his career path. After working with Russon Mortuary for a few months, he decided this was the right choice. “It felt right as I saw the good [my father] was doing to help families have closure and go through the grieving process. It was something I wanted to do to help other people.” He learned a lot through helping his dad and grandfather and also going through a mortuary science program in Houston. He loves seeing families who are comforted and grateful for the good work they put into their experience.

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