2020 Summer Road Paving

Syracuse City is beginning its summer road construction projects.

Roads that will be under construction will include the Bluff Road and Gentile Street intersection, will extend along Bluff Street from Gentile Street to 1000 West, and a roundabout will be added. This project has already started. The project will cost approximately $5,143,618. Of this amount, $1.3 million comes from the city, and the rest is paid from State funding. The city’s portion is funded through a combination of gas tax revenue and impact fees.
There will also be the 2020 Road Improvement Projects, which will start soon. These projects are designed to renew and extend the life of existing roads in our city. The 2020 Paving Projects will consist of:
• Widening the access to the museum on Heritage Lane
• Replacing the existing 8” and 4” secondary water mains in 2000 West between 1700 South and 2700 South with a new 12” secondary water main (Yay, better secondary water service!)
• Repaving 2000 West between 1700 South and 2700 South
• New paving and sealing on Heritage Parkway and Banbury Drive from Dallas Street to 700 South, along with the adjacent smaller roads in those areas
• 1000 West new pavement from 1700 South to SR-193
Finally, we will be chip sealing the following roads:
• 1000 West from 1700 South to 2075 South
• 700 South from 2000 West east to city border
• 3000 West from 700 South to SR-193
The 2020 Paving Projects will cost approximately $2,578,565.52. They are funded from a combination of gas tax, utility fees, and property/sales taxes. These projects will start in April and are planned to continue until August.

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