A Message to the Class of 2020

Syracuse High School Graduating Class of 2020,

Wow! What a year! This is not how we pictured this year ending. My heart is broken, and my heart is full of love for this graduating class. This is not how we wanted to say goodbye to our graduating seniors. All of you have worked extremely hard over the last 13 years, and you deserve a proper celebration for your efforts. You have all contributed to our school in a unique way. Thank you for your dedication and hard work to make this year one to remember. This is not the ending any of us would have wished for at a time normally reserved for celebrating the achievements of our graduating seniors. I know that this will be no reflection on the incredible achievements, careers, and contributions that lie ahead for our class of 2020. You have so many things to look forward to in the future. You will do great things! I am so proud of each of you. I wish that I could see you walk across that stage. I wish that I could shake your hand and wish you well. Please know that all of us here at Syracuse High School are pulling for you. We want the very best for each of you, and we appreciate the opportunity we had to work with all of you.

Best of luck! Please stay healthy, and DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE.

Congrats Grads!

Dear Clearfield High Senior Class of 2020, You are the best! The best of the best! This year isn’t ending the way you have hoped and planned for, and, right now, you might be thinking, ‘Thanks, Captain Obvious.” Nevertheless, it stinks. It isn’t fair. It’s okay to acknowledge it, but let’s not live there. Most of us have been told over and over that life isn’t fair. We suspected it before, but we’re believers now. And so now what?

We can pity party, but only for one minute per day. Then, it is time find a way. The rest of the day is for finding a way. Finding a way to be thankful. Finding a way to connect with people. Finding a way to make new friends. Finding a way to get along with our family. Finding a way to smile. Finding a way to laugh. Finding a way to learn. Finding a healthy way to deal with sadness, anger, loss. Finding a way to serve others. Finding a way to forget about ourselves. Finding a way to be disciplined. Finding a way to learn new skills. Finding a way to develop skills we already have. Finding a way to agree. Finding a way to understand. Finding a way to make amends. Finding the way forward. There is a way forward.

The way forward is challenging, beautiful, memorable, fulfilling, and exciting. It always has been and always will be. Every generation and every individual have had and will have challenges. To find a way, we must be on the move: moving to find a way forward mentally, emotionally, and physically; moving to find a solution to problems; moving to collaborate with those who build us up; moving to what is really there and what is really possible. CHS Class of 2020, you will find a way! You’ve shown you can. Ready, set, GO FALCONS!

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