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As you consider a bathroom remodel, what are your needs? Are you young and want a clean modern style? Are your resources modest, but you still need good quality on a budget? Are you planning to sell your home, so time and expenses are big factors? Or is this your forever home and you’re ready to create your dream bathroom? And, of course, it needs to be beautiful, durable, and easy to clean.

Sand &Swirl can work with any of these situations. The best way to get started is to measure your existing bathroom. How big is your shower, your countertop, and your bathtub? How big is the room? Once you’ve measured, take the dimensions to the Sand & Swirl showroom. They are open now, while maintaining social distancing and disinfecting surfaces. At the showroom, you can see full-size examples of the different surfaces. Imagine what they might look like in your home. The experts there can create a cost estimate for your favorite surface during your visit. You can know right away if your choices will meet your budget. Once you know what you want, they come to your home and take exact measurements of your space. Then they are ready to begin custom manufacturing your new surfaces.

Each customer has their own unique style, whether contemporary, rustic, elegant, or modern. Some of the latest trends in bathroom style include gray moving out and earth tones coming back. White cabinets are getting less common, and warm wood tones are coming back in. For fixtures, brushed gold is coming in, and there are a lot more hardware, trim, and fixtures in a matte black. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s sleek, smooth, and easy to clean. Everyone should go for the vanity top with an integrated sink. You can choose the shape and size of the sink, as well as the color. And there are many new product choices in cultured marble for vanities and showers. Come and check them out, they don’t look like your grandma’s marble! Your stage of life will have a big impact on yours needs and your choices for your new bathroom. Millennials are looking for style on a budget. They want what’s trendy but they need to make sure it is good quality at a low cost. Baby Boomers have a completely different list of priorities. They want top quality, functionality, easy maintenance, accessibility, and safety – even if it costs more. If your new bathroom will be used by older adults, some extra safety features such as grab bars and a shower seat might be needed. Enjoy the excitement of a brand-new bathroom! Make it your sanctuary: calm, peaceful, and beautiful.

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