What I learned from Dad

In celebration of Father’s Day, we reached out to residents and asked them what they have learned from their dads. Here are some of their responses.

Alyssa Nicholas: “My dad, Robert Edwards (pictured above), father of 5, taught me to be self-reliant, to be my true self, and you’re never too old to be a daddy’s girl. No matter what, he’ll always answer my call and show up for me. He adopted me when I was 5 and chose to love me. He didn’t have to, but he did. Without him, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.”

Spencer Nicholas: “My grandfather (Steven, pictured on the left above) was my father after mine passed when I was young. He taught me selflessness and patience makes the man. He passed away this February and left a big hole in our hometown here in Syracuse. Steven Stuart was a father to many through his years of selfless love and service.”

Cassee Bruce and her father, Gary Bruce

Cassee Bruce: Her father Gary Bruce taught her, “You do anything you set your mind to, and I will always be proud of you for trying.” Despite him being currently overseas, Cassee still feels he is always there for her.

TomPeggy Feickert Romney: Melvin Schmitz, father of 6 said “Your word should be stronger than a contract.”

Juleen Williams Evans: “My dad taught me to be smart with my money. He is the most frugal man I know, and he taught me how to save when I was young. This has been a huge blessing to me and my family.”

Stephanie Stephenson Piper: “My dad taught me about having a great work ethic and saving for retirement. Work hard and be independent. I have worked since I was 15. I have invested for my retirement and hopefully taught my kids to do the same. I love him and look up to him in many ways. My grandpa was the same way, so I am sure he learned it and passed it to me and my sister.”

Tami Peterson: “Don’t take any wooden nickels…”

Del Hughes: Otis Hughes, father of 16, said, “You can’t do anything about what you can’t do anything about.”

Councilwoman Lisa Bingham: “Something I’ve learned from my dad is that humor is the only and best way to get through this life. As he learned from his father, “There’s nothing so bad in life…that it can’t get worse.” And gathering our family around a bowl of candy to talk and commiserate and laugh our heads off is the sort of thing that makes it all bearable.”

Councilman Seth Teague: “I learned so much from my dad! He was a tremendous example to me of honest, hard work. When he got home from his profession as a teacher, he quickly would change clothes and begin his second job as a general contractor. He never stopped working nights and weekends to support our family and our needs. If he wasn’t working for others, he was working around the house and yard to give us a wonderful home. Whenever I was going through difficult times, he would ask me to come work with him. He could somehow listen and teach me at the same time. His rule of thumb was that focusing on honest hard work could really help you process your thoughts and emotions and help you find answers you were searching for. I’ll never forget those moments together. I sure miss him.”


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