Voting & COVID-19

Help keep our community and Election Volunteers safe. VOTE BY MAIL

Traditional Polling Locations will not be available for the June Primary.

Changes to Voting

The State Legislature passed HB3006 during a special session on April 22, 2020. This bill made substantial changes to how the Primary Election is administered.

• No Early Voting

• No In-Person Voter Registration

• No Election Day Voter Registration

• Limited Election Day Voting

• Ballots may only be sent to voters affiliated with a participating party or to unaffiliated voters who qualify and have requested a ballot.

Davis County is committed to making this election as accessible and open as possible under these new requirements.

• Unaffiliated Voters will receive a questionnaire to request a ballot

• Ballots will be mailed to all eligible voters 3 weeks before the election

• Return Postage will be paid

• Ballot drop boxes will be available at all City Offices through June 29th

• A single drive-thru polling location will be centrally located in the County and will be open on Election Day from 7am-8pm

Prepare for the Election Now

  1. Register to vote, or make sure your voter registration is current today. Visit
  2. Learn about the Candidates. Visit
  3. Vote and return your ballot when it arrives the week of June 9, 2020

Primary Election

All voters are encouraged to vote by mail Primary Election

• Ballots will be mailed beginning June 9, 2020

• Ballots must be postmarked by June 30th.

• Return your ballot early, recommended mail by date is no later than June 26th.

In a Primary Election Party Affiliation Matters

• If you want to participate in the Democratic Primary you must be registered Democratic, or registered as Unaffiliated and request a Democratic ballot. (1st Congressional District only)

• If you want to participate in the Republican Primary you must be registered Republican.

Help keep our community and Election Volunteers safe. VOTE BY MAIL.

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