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Annette Judd loves helping others and serving her community and calls it her “Magic Touch” when helping her real estate clients.

Connection Publishing was pleased to feature Annette Judd in our Women in Business issue in March of this year. She works hard and is always busy serving her community. She listens to her intuition in order to help people in the best way possible, and this is her “Magic Touch”.

Her work in Real Estate is closely tied to her love of community and helping others. “If I talked to 100 people, my goal would be to help 100 people. They wouldn’t all need to buy or sell a house. I want to help them with whatever they need.” Annette is very focused on having a great network. She wants to be able to help clients and friends get great service, whether they need a plumber, an electrician, or any sort of service for their home. Creating friendships is the best part of her business. She wants all her clients to feel comfortable enough with her that they can call her and ask for help if they need it.

One of Annette’s projects has been creating the Judd Homes 5 Star Referral Network. This is a listing of the best local businesses, who do great work. Only people she has personally worked with before, or come directly referred are allowed into the network. She is creating this listing as a service to her clients, so that when homes need repairs or maintenance, she knows who to call.

Local community connection is very important to Annette’s work. She knows the area well as she helps clients with Real Estate. She prefers to work with clients in her own area because she knows everything that is happening there. She knows what the building plans are for spaces that are now empty, so she’s able to give people an idea of what the neighborhood will be like in the future.

Annette’s best advice for home-owners is to constantly care for, and maintain your home. If you are thinking of selling some time in the future, don’t save up all the projects until that time. Work on them as you go. One of the services she can provide is a Real Estate Review. Annette can walk through your home and take a look at your home as a potential buyer would. She will look at everything with fresh eyes, and suggest things that could be fixed. For example, touch up the paint on the casing around your front door. Make sure all electrical outlets are covered. As homeowners, we get used to the little imperfections in our homes and we don’t see them anymore. If you’re preparing to sell your home, it’s a great idea to have a professional walk through. Small inexpensive fixes can make a big difference. If you have a potential buyer walking through, having your house look like it’s not in good repair can cost you the sale. And keeping up on the maintenance is the best way to keep your home in top shape.

Talk to Annette today and experience the “Magic Touch” for yourself.

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