Public Works Update


Clean storm water is important to our ecosystem. When working on a vehicle at your residence, be sure to have rags, plastic sheets or tarps, cardboard, drip pan, and oil absorbent (such as paper towels, sawdust, or kitty litter) readily available for any spills in case an accident happens. Did you know that one quart of oil can contaminate up to 2 million gallons of water? Do not spray or wash down any debris from the driveway into the curb and gutter, which leads into our storm drains. When deciding to wash your vehicles, the best management practice would be to take it to a local car wash. However, if you choose to wash at home, park the vehicle on the grass to wash. This will allow the dirt, detergents, and the water to soak or percolate into the lawn and not into our storm drain system. Thank you for helping keep our water ways clean.


Road Construction is in full swing. Road work continues at Bluff and Gentile through October. Feel free to use the newly placed trail, but do not leave the trail and enter the construction area. There can be great risks for pedestrians in construction areas. When construction workers are on the project site, vehicles and pedestrians must follow flaggers’ directions for safe travel. Work on 2000 West is underway between 1900 South and 2700 South. This project is expected to be complete in September. An asphalt overlay is scheduled in July along 1000 West between Antelope Drive and SR-193. For additional information, refer to the city website for road construction updates. You may Google search Syracuse Utah Road Construction. You may also sign up for email or text notifications using NOTIFY ME from the city website.


Trees provide shade and appeal but require proper maintenance to remain healthy. To protect trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians, trees must be pruned to allow a clearance of seven feet over a sidewalk and eleven feet over a street. This also provides visibility for street signs, lights, and traffic. If you are planting trees anywhere near your sidewalk, consider giving plenty of space as the tree matures and roots spread to prevent your sidewalk from heaving. Also consider locations that are away from street corners that may block signs or street lamps. Refer to city ordinance 10.30.070 for tree species, spacing, and planting locations.


Water Conservation is vital. Please follow recommendations from the Division of Water Resources “Weekly Watering Guide.” You may Google search Utah watering guide. You may also consider getting a smart controller for your sprinkler timer. If you do so, you may be eligible for a 50% rebate (up to $150 max) from when you purchase an eligible Water Sense Smart Controller. Smart controllers reduce water waste by automatically adjusting how often and how long a landscape is watered based on local weather and landscape conditions. Weber Basin Water Conservancy District offers free landscaping classes that give ideas on water-wise landscapes. Google search Weber Basin Water Classes for more information.

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